Zookeepers Administer CBD Oil to Help Elephants Cope With Stress

Zookeepers Administer CBD Oil to Help Elephants Cope With Stress

September 3, 2020 0 By admin

CBD isn’t just for humans! It can now be used to calm down elephants experiencing stress. This is the case with the two African elephants in Warsaw, Poland.

Buba and Fredzia are two elephants in the Warsaw Zoological Garden. Veterinarians administered CBD oil to the elephants after they were observed to be suffering from chronic stress.

Zoo officials noticed that the herd was experiencing stress after losing one of its members. As an effort to ease the elephants’ stress levels, they decided to administer CBD oil to mellow the elephants.

Fredzia, specifically, was observed to be having a hard time finding its position in the herd. This happened after Erna, the head of the herd, passed away.

Like humans, group dynamics are important for elephants’ lives. It gives structure to their environment and allows them to move and live harmoniously. A loss in the herd will stress its members, which can linger for months or even years.

However, it will take several months for the experts to notice CBD oil’s effects on the elephants. This is due to their larger size and different physiological chemistry to humans. Also, elephants are more socially complex compared to other animals.

Nonetheless, the experiment will help zookeepers better manage the elephant’s stress and mood.

Experts are positive about the potential benefits of CBD oil among elephants. They are continuously monitoring the stress hormone levels of the elephants involved in the experiment.

If deemed successful, CBD oil will help in keeping animals and zoo-goers safe. Still, more studies and experiments to prove the benefits of CBD oil among elephants will be needed.

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How does CBD oil works for elephants?

Unlike its psychoactive counterpart THC, CBD has a relaxing effect without the high. While it’s widely used by humans, experts are positive that it will yield the same effects to elephants.

Chemically speaking, CBD is just one of the compounds found on the cannabis plant. It’s isolated and extracted for both medicinal and recreational applications.

The results from the Warsaw Zoological Garden will set a precedent to further CBD applications on animals. So far, experts have not seen any potential side effects on the elephants.

Moreover, experts hope that CBD oil will help in easing behavioral problems in elephants when changes occur in their groups.

But since elephants are big animals, proper dosing is a key factor for the experiment’s success. With this, the experts administered a vial of CBD oil to the elephants three times a day. Despite this, the effects of CBD oil on elephants are yet to be seen.

Is it safe for the elephants? Warsaw veterinarian Agnieszka Czujkowska, who spearheaded the experiment, has experienced administering CBD oil to horses and dogs. Her experience and knowledge reduce the risk of side effects among elephants.

A 2019 study from Cornell University found that stress levels among dogs drastically reduced after the canines received CBD oil.

Czujkowska assured that the CBD oil doesn’t cause euphoria or psychoactive effects on the animals. Its main goal is to help combat stress hormones to improve the animals’ quality of life.