Cannabidiol Distillation: How Is CBD Oil Extracted From Hemp?

Cannabidiol Distillation: How Is CBD Oil Extracted From Hemp?

September 3, 2020 0 By admin

Before making CBD tincture, oil, or gummies, the CBD oil is extracted first. It undergoes a series of procedures to free the oil of any contaminants. Manufacturers also observe proper handling to retain the full benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil can be extracted through any of the following methods:

1. Basic solvent extraction

Under this procedure, manufacturers use a liquid solvent to extra the cannabinoid off the plant. The commonly used solvents are butane, hexane, and ethanol.

Once the cannabinoid is extracted, the liquid solvent will be evaporated. The result is pure CBD oil.

This method requires limited equipment and is a cheaper option. Small producers utilize this method, but they have to deal with some disadvantages.

If not evaporated properly, traces of the liquid solvent will remain in the CBD oil. This will cause contamination and potential poisoning among consumers. If not performed well, the solvent method will also strip the hemp plant’s oils, waxes, and chlorophyll.

2. CO2 extraction

The CO2 extraction involves pumping supercritical CO2 into the hemp. Through this, the manufacturers can pull out the CBD oil and leave the other substances behind.

This method is the leading CBD oil extraction option. It has clean and pure oil that’s safe for almost all applications.

cannabidiol distillation

3. Solventless extraction

Another popular CBD extraction method uses heat, friction, and pressure. This is safe and less likely to contaminate the end product. Some producers will apply heat directly to the hemp flower for natural oil extraction.

4. Olive oil CBD extraction

Those who wish to extract CBD oil at home can use the olive oil method. First, you have to decarb the hemp through heat or other methods.

After that, you will place your decarboxylated hemp on the heated olive oil. The cannabinoids from the hemp will bind on the carrier oil and fuse with it.

However, there’s little control over the amount of CBD you can extract through this method. This is the reason why olive oil extraction isn’t viable for commercial purposes.

Is CBD oil from hemp effective?

CBD oil made from hemp has a lot of benefits. It is effective as a pain reliever without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Depending on where the oil is extracted, CBD from hemp can have varying effects. CBD oil from the hemp flower is the most concentrated. Meanwhile, extraction from the stems and stalks have the least cannabinoid purity.

The following are the benefits of CBD oil from hemp:

1. Anxiety relief

2. Pain relief

3. Anti-acne effects

4. Anti-seizure effects

5. Stress relief

6. Antipsychotic effects

Hemp is grown with fewer pesticides than marijuana, making it a very viable source for CBD oil. It’s clean and contaminant-free. It’s also cheaper, so it’s more affordable.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is widely available. It’s also legal to import hemp products into the United States. This means distribution and access is more convenient than marijuana-derived products.

CBD oil from hemp is also used in the medical community. It’s an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals mired with adverse side effects. This helps users attain a better quality of life.